Posted by: friendsover55 | August 28, 2015

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  1. Have you not gone to the liberals .
    They have a program that would give yo $40,000.00.
    Ask Vance Badawey

    • Hi Don,

      We have tried different funding applications from provincial and federal…we always fall through the cracks…can’t have the money because you are not open….we are not allowed to open offering our programs, but can do other things like providing meals for seniors, telephone and internet visits with seniors…etc.
      We have a phone meeting with Vance today, I’m not holding my breathe….we will see.
      Many members have been making donations to the centre and in the last two weeks we have brought in over $4000 to date…great bunch of people who love their centre…Stay tuned…Threasa

  2. Hi can you tell me when the centre will be opening again

    • Our Centre reopened on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Not all programs are back…check website for more information. Thank you for your interest.

  3. Hope everyone who are members come back to the Centre. I’m sure if everyone brings their dues up to date it will help.

  4. Are any exercise classes coming in near future? Hard to get paying members when there are no classes posted.

    No updated calendar to see what is available. Thank yoy!

    • I’m sorry Lydia, I am the only person working in the office that completes any and all of the work that is done by computer. I just have not had time this month as there has been a ton of organizations or government agencies that have needed my attention along with all of the normal things on my plate. Plus being in charge of the takeout lunches, special events, rentals, and so on….this is not an excuse, it is the truth…I have to complete whatever task is the most important to get done at that time and sometimes things get left out, plain and simple.
      I am updating the website at this moment…there is no exercise on it at this time, still waiting for a small group of people to be interested enough to plan and schedule a class. All I can do is my best. Threasa

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